$111,700 Ontario Government Grant Gives Shepherds of Good Hope a Lift

On Tuesday, June 25, 2024, local MPP Lucille Collard met with the team at Shepherds of Good Hope and Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation to celebrate the $111,700 Capital Grant they received from the provincial government’s Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) to make much needed renovations to the windows located in the shelter in the Taggart Parkes Family Community Hub at 256 King Edward Ave.

“Our community is very fortunate to be able to count on the specialized services of Shepherds of Good Hope, helping homeless and most vulnerable citizens,” said Lucille Collard, MPP for Ottawa—Vanier. “That’s why I’m grateful for the generous Ontario Trillium Foundation Capital Grant to help with some needed work at the shelter. This support is crucial for continuing their mission to provide dignity and a sense of community to everyone they serve by creating a safer and more secure environment for those in need.”

The aging windows at the Shepherds of Good Hope transitional were beginning to show signs of wear, including cracked frames and build-ups of condensation and moisture on the glass, making it difficult to maintain a comfortable environment. Thanks to this OTF Capital grant, Shepherds of Good Hope was able to replace and upgrade the 165 shelter windows at 256 King Edward Avenue with new low-emissivity windows. The new windows are expected to help save energy and money while making it easier to maintain a safe, climate-controlled environment for guests using the shelter while also prolonging the useful life of the building and its HVAC systems.

“Shepherds of Good Hope cannot stress enough the importance of the grant support through the Ontario Trillium Foundation, how it improves lives of clients, staff and guests, while helping increase sustainability and allowing us to help the community’s most vulnerable for decades to come,” said Ali Campbell, VP of Programming and Capital Infrastructure at Shepherds of Good Hope.

For over 40 years, Shepherds of Good Hope has fostered hope and reduced harm in Ottawa by supporting people experiencing homelessness and vulnerable adults in our community through specialized services, programs and partnerships. They always strive to provide homes for all, community for all, hope for all.

“Whether it’s helping people learn new things, connect with their community, or simply have fun, organizations like Shepherds of Good Hope deliver experiences that make a difference,” said Stan Cho, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Gaming. “That’s why grant support through the Ontario Trillium Foundation is so important. This funding will help ensure they remain at the heart of the community for decades to come.”

Lucille Collard, MPP Ottawa-Vanier and Shepherds of Good Hope VP, Ali Campbell reflect on the energy efficient windows installed at Shepherds of Good Hope’s shelter in the Taggart Parkes Family Community Hub.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is an agency of the Ontario government with a mission to build healthy and vibrant communities across the province. Last year, OTF invested more than $110M into 1,044 community projects and multi-sector partnerships. Projects aim to enhance economic well-being, foster more active lifestyles, support child and youth development, provide spaces for people to come together and connect, and create a more sustainable environment. Visit otf.ca to learn more.