216 Murray Street (Coming Soon)

Shepherds of Good Hope is building hope in our community.

Construction will soon begin on our new multi-purpose space located at 216 Murray Street, next to our shelter at 256 King Edward Avenue. The project will include a new drop in facility for those experiencing homelessness to use as an alternative to congregating on the street, provide 48 units of supportive housing, and a new community soup kitchen. The project is designed to help those experiencing crucial needs, as well as to alleviate on street and neighbourhood strains. This project will allow Shepherds of Good Hope to reduce the number of beds in our emergency shelter and further our goal to house more people in supportive housing than in our shelter by the end of 2022.

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If your question is not answered, please feel free to reach our project team at: 216@sghottawa.com.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will the program impact the community?
The new building will provide 48 people who are currently homeless with the stability of a home of their own, and a wider number who presently have nowhere to go during the day and evening will have a space where they feel welcome. The drop-in program will provide a place to access supports for 16 hours a day and will also be available to those who are precariously housed in Lowertown. Security services on site will be increased to 24/7 and the building has been designed to provide security staff with maximum sight lines of the sidewalk on Murray Street and the outdoor patio space. The new community soup kitchen will continue to provide food for those who need a nourishing meal.

Who will live in the housing portion of this new building?
Up to 48 individuals currently experiencing homelessness, with a focus on Indigenous individuals and women will live at 216 Murray. These individuals will have the stability and dignity of their own unit, and access to healthcare and other supports on site. The design has been based on extensive work to understand how best to meet the needs of those requiring services as well as the concerns of local residents. Collaboration with the Indigenous community has taken place since the project was conceived and is ongoing.

What is the building going to look like?
SGH has engaged the services of local award-winning firm CSV Architects to design 216 Murray and the outdoor space. Through the design process multiple assessments and studies have been completed including a Cultural Heritage Impact Statement, assessments of the wind and shadows, traffic, noise and soil. Consideration has been given to the materials used and design of the building to complement the local streetscapes.

Will this building include outdoor space?
Yes, outdoor space for the users of the drop-in as well as residents in supportive housing is important. No one wants to be inside all day, especially in our beautiful city! We want to give people a space to socialize and enjoy the outdoors. There will be a private terrace on the second floor for the people who live in supportive housing and there will be a fenced in patio area adjacent to Murray St. This space between 216 Murray and 256 King Edward will provide seating and shade for people using the drop-in, kitchen or shelter to enjoy.


How is this project being funded?
This project is funded through the City of Ottawa and the federal government’s Rapid Housing Initiative. The total cost of the project will depend on the cost of materials and timelines.

What is the timeline for the project?
Site preparation and construction will begin as soon as possible. The project will use modular or panelized housing, which is constructed off site in a factory and then craned in. This allows for a much faster schedule than traditional construction. We’re expecting that residents will able to move into their new homes in 2024.