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My name is Stephanie Eastman and I work at Shepherds of Good Hope as a peer support worker. I’m originally from Arnprior and am proud to say I was born and raised a valley girl!

I’m not so proud to say that, as a young adult, I stumbled into a life of drug addiction.

I am now four years clean from crack cocaine and I know without a doubt I would NOT be where I am today if you weren’t there supporting Shepherds of Good Hope every month.

I have never worked harder for anything in my life. Getting clean is a struggle – it’s a struggle to get up, to keep going and to succeed. It’s a struggle that can’t be fought alone. Click here to learn more about how, with you and Shepherds of Good Hope on my side, I overcame my addiction and found my new beginning.


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Stephanie Eastman
Peer Worker
Shepherds of Good Hope

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