Christmas Campaign of Hope

“Will YOU keep the light of hope alive?”

We’ve met each other before.

You might have seen me at the grocery store last week. Or maybe it was when I was in line behind you at the bank. The truth is, you’ve known me your whole life – you just didn’t recognize me.

My name is Joe Enberg and I’m your typical “average Joe”.

Today, I’m a happy and healthy, semi-retired college-educated front line worker. But my life wasn’t always this way.

I know how it feels to be homeless during the holidays and it breaks my heart to see others go through the same dark and lonely experience. As a compassionate supporter of our community’s less fortunate, I’m sure it breaks your heart too.

Your generous support means Ottawa’s most vulnerable can access tailored programming and peer-worker support, especially through the holidays, when they need it most.

For many, many years, my drug and alcohol addictions controlled every aspect of my life. I was lost until I found hope in the last place you might expect.

During my last stay in jail I had a dream of a candle, almost burnt out, leaving only darkness. I awoke trembling in fear, knowing what my dream meant. The candle represented my life and all the good and honest parts of me, and it was about to go out.

In that moment of clarity, I knew I needed to change. With the support of a caring community, I have been clean and sober for more than 11 years now.

You are part of that community!

Many of us will be spending our Christmas with our families and loved ones. Sadly, many others will be alone, lost in their own worlds of darkness. With your help, Shepherds of Good Hope can be a beacon of hope to them during the cold winter nights ahead.

Our community’s homeless are counting on us. Will you make a special holiday gift today in support of those who will call Shepherds of Good Hope home this Christmas? This special donation will have twice the impact because an anonymous donor has offered to double all holiday donations up to $50,000. This offer is only available UNTIL December 20th, so please be sure to make your gift by then.

Supporters just like you helped keep the light of hope alive for me when I needed it most. Will you keep the light of hope alive for those that need your help this Christmas?

Yours in helping our community’s homeless,

Joe Enberg

P.S. To read more about my story and the impact your support has had in my life, please click here. And don’t forget to give generously today!

Homes for all. Community for all. Hope for all.