Thanksgiving Campaign 2018

“So Many People End Up In Our Kitchen, Hungry and Alone”

Will you help me make dinner?

One can of peas… one can of tomato sauce… a handful of potatoes… and some frozen ground beef. These are the only groceries I can find to help feed the 300 homeless and poor people who will come to our kitchen today.

The cupboard shelves are almost bare.

But YOU can help change this. Your generous gift to Shepherds of Good Hope means I can buy the fresh produce, meat and dairy I need to provide nutritious meals to those in need this Thanksgiving and throughout the year.

My name is Samantha Smith and I am the Manager of Support Services at Shepherds of Good Hope. I am responsible for planning the meals in our soup kitchen and evening drop-in. These programs mean so much more than just food – they are a welcoming place for our community’s vulnerable women and men, they are a place where they are not alone.

Each meal shows them that someone cares, that YOU care, and that there is hope.

The summer months bring so many beautiful memories warm weather, birds chirping, and children playing. Sadly, it also means the shelves of Shepherds of Good Hope’s soup kitchen cupboards will soon be empty. School was out, people were busy with holidays, and the gifts we rely on to feed our community’s homeless slowed down.

Homeless and poor people from across the country come to Ottawa to find a better life. Now that fall has almost arrived, the food we stock piled over the year has almost run out. But the demand for meals only increases.

So many people end up in our kitchen, hungry and alone.

They have nowhere else to go. Without your donations to support our programs, making sure there is enough food is a difficult job. This year alone our soup kitchen and drop-in will serve over 400,000 meals. The need is great.

But there is hope! YOU can make a real difference.

Through your gift to Shepherds of Good Hope, you are a part of each and every one of the meals we serve.

You are the reason our shelves, and our hearts, will be full this Thanksgiving.

Samantha Smith
Manager, Support Services
Shepherds of Good Hope

P.S. Your gift today is someone’s hope tomorrow. Give the gift of hope today. Click the button below to donate.


You can make a difference, right here, right now. Consider volunteering, donating items, or becoming a donor to ensure Shepherds of Good Hope can help those who need it most.

Homes for all. Community for all. Hope for all.