Shepherds of the Front Line

An inside perspective on what it takes to foster hope and reduce harm in Ottawa.

Ending Chronic Homelessness Starts With Home

Shepherds of Good Hope President and CEO, Deirdre Freiheit shares the Starts With Home campaign, an Ottawa-based non-partisan coalition advocating for affordable housing as a key priority in the upcoming election.

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Deirdre Freiheit on The Sam Laprade Show

Our President and CEO Deirdre Freiheit had the chance to speak with the wonderful Sam Laprade with CityNews 101.1, where they discussed some of the challenges that people experiencing homelessness face here in Ottawa.

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National Housing Day: Case Management View on Housing

This pandemic has been brutal on everyone, but especially for those who are experiencing homelessness. Getting an apartment has been nearly impossible. See the perspectives of our case mangers during the COVID-19 pandemic in this intimate and realistic “day-in-a-life”.

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