Shepherds of the Front Line

An inside perspective on what it takes to foster hope and reduce harm in Ottawa.

Melissa Shabinsky on 1310 News – Stay the fork home!

One of Shepherds of Good Hope’s biggest community supporters (and former board member!), Melissa Shabinsky, was on 1310 News with Sam Laprade talking about her new campaign: #StayTheForkHome. The proceeds from selling t-shirts with “StayTheForkHome” on them go to local restaurants struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic and to Shepherds of Good Hope. Remember, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, stay the fork at home!

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National Volunteer Week 2020

Deirdre Freiheit, president and CEO of Shepherds of Good Hope, spoke with Sam Laprade on 1310 News about all the incredible work our volunteers do.

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Everything has changed – Except kindness

In times of uncertainty, Shepherds of Good Hope is a beacon of hope for many. For those who have lost connections to families and friends, we are here to help. In times like this, community support becomes even more crucial.

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