We still need your support to respond to this pandemic

With cases of the Omicron variant rising across our city, Shepherds of Good Hope is once again facing a pandemic that is stretching our resources to the breaking point. In the midst of three crises – the housing and homelessness crisis, the increasingly toxic drug supply, and now the resurging pandemic – more people than ever are using Shepherds of Good Hope for services. The number of people needing food and shelter, needing housing supports, needing health care, or needing services through our harm reduction programs are all increasing.

We need your help more than ever. The best way to support us is with a monetary donation. Please make an emergency gift today.

Here are other ways you can support us:

Work for Shepherds of Good Hope
While working at Shepherds of Good Hope, you will change lives every day, including yours! We have a number of front-line positions we are looking to fill. No experience is necessary as many of your skills are likely transferable to these positions. All training will be provided. Make the leap today and join our team! https://www.sghottawa.com/careers/

Volunteer at Shepherds of Good Hope
We couldn’t operate many of our programs without the amazing support of our volunteers. They are the glue that holds our organization together. We will provide full training and have flexible schedules to accommodate your commitments. Apply today: https://www.sghottawa.com/volunteer/

Advocate for Pandemic Pay
Frontline workers are stressed out and deserve better pay for the essential work they do across our city’s shelter system. This pay increase has to come from the Ontario Government and be sector-wide. You can advocate for better pay for frontline workers by reading our letter to Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy and adding your voice by emailing his office as well. https://www.sghottawa.com/2022/01/12/pandemic-pay-letter/

Donate Food and Supplies
Thanks to the generosity of our community, most of our cupboards are full, but we could always use more of our most-needed items. If you have any questions about something you’d like to donate, please email us at donate@sghottawa.com.

  • Premade meals in disposable pans, individually wrapped sandwiches, and desserts
  • Brand new underwear
  • Ground roast coffee
  • Tea

We are all Shepherds, and at times like these, we have to lean on each other to be able to get through. Your generous support in this time of need will ensure that our essential activities continue. Thank you for your continued support.

Homes for all. Community for all. Hope for all.