The Rapid Housing and Employment Program (RHEP)

The Rapid Housing and Employment Program (RHEP) assists homeless individuals who wish to return to sustainable, independent housing and full employment.

Ending the cycle of poverty

This innovative program’s long-term objective is to end the cycle of poverty for those accessing shelter services. To achieve this goal, the RHEP provides participants with:

  • A stable shelter environment
  • Employment and case-management supports
  • Assistance in obtaining housing

We also create transitional job placements within the Shepherds of Good Hope organization for RHEP participants. Through these work opportunities, our clients are able to acquire valuable skills and obtain references for their resumes.

Support for the employee — and the employer

During this time, the program also helps connect participants with housing opportunities and potential employers. Participants in RHEP often have barriers to employment, such as large gaps in their employment history, or suffer from mental health challenges and/or addictions. Compassionate, supportive employers are crucial to helping RHEP participants during their initial reintegration to employment.

To encourage employers to offer opportunities to participants, RHEP utilizes funding through a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to provide employee wage subsidies.


Through his participation in the RHEP program, Jonah was able to gain valuable life skills and found affordable housing.

Are you looking for your next star employee?

For more information about the RHEP, or if you are interested in providing a sustainable job opportunity or housing units for our clients, please contact:

Shepherds of Good Hope would like to thank Ontario Trillium Foundation for its generous funding of the Rapid Housing Employment Program.