Help us raise $75,000 to buy #OneCoolTruck and pick up food for Ottawa’s homeless!


I’m Rusty Ruby, the reliable delivery truck for Shepherds of Good Hope, and retiree in waiting.

I’ve been helping to feed thousands of homeless people by travelling all over Ottawa picking up canned foods, bread, and almost any in-kind donation you can think of for almost 20 years now.

Without me, Shepherds of Good Hope wouldn’t be able to feed hundreds of homeless people every day. My job is very important and they rely on me, but in all honestly, I’m tired and I’m really ready for retirement. I can’t wait to leisurely cruise out the rest of my life.

BUT I can’t retire until Shepherds of Good Hope can buy a new, refrigerated truck to replace me. Will you help Shepherds of Good Hope and the hungry people that rely on me? Will you help me retire?

Unfortunately, I can’t pick up fresh food donations because I’m not refrigerated. So please, help me retire and replace me with a COOL, new, dependable and refrigerated version. (Well, not too much COOLER than me.)

With you by our side we can get #OneCoolTruck to take my place and keep your food donations fresh for people most in need.

Did you know you can text Shepherds of Good Hope? You can donate right from your phone today by texting Shepherds of Good at 393939 with HOPE4ALL.

Please help share our need for a new truck with your friends and family today! Share