Hoteliers Have Heart serve the homeless at Shepherds of Good Hope!


Ottawa – February 14, 2019 – Hoteliers have Heart will come to Shepherds of Good Hope for the 19th year to spread love and serve meals to Ottawa’s homeless this Valentine’s Day.

Hoteliers Have Heart Campaign is a local campaign put on by Ottawa-Gatineau Hotel Association (OGHA) members. The hotel managers come to Shepherds of Good Hope for the afternoon and give back to their community by serving lunch to Ottawa’s most vulnerable and stocking up our freezers, coolers and storage areas with frozen food, canned goods, fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

Hoteliers Have Heart members will arrive at Shepherds of Good Hope at 10:30am to help prepare for the lunch meal and start serving at 11:00AM. There will be approximately 15 managers that help deliver the food and serve in our soup kitchen this year.
Not only are they serving lunch for the 19th year in our Soup Kitchen but they are also donating approximately $20,000 worth of non-perishable food items.

Last year alone, Hoteliers Have Heart donated approximately 12 tons of food. Multiply that by 20 years that’s almost 240 tons of food over the last two decades. The gratitude we feel from their constant compassion and contributions to helping provide quality food to many of Ottawa’s homeless and touching so many lives is indescribable.

We appreciate all that Hoteliers Have Heart does for us on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year. Their impact from Valentine’s Day goes beyond this one day, their enthusiasm and compassion motivates our staff, it lifts the spirits of many clients as they can enjoy nutritious meals for a longer period of time, plus many of the hotel managers come back to volunteer with us regularly. We serve over a quarter of a million meals a year, which requires us to rely on dedicated and passionate volunteers that have helped serve Ottawa’s homeless for the past 36 years. Hoteliers Have Heart provides that time, hard work and compassion that helps keep Shepherds of Good Hope running all of our programs and services.


“After 19 years, this is still an event that hoteliers appreciate and hold dear to their values. We look forward to continuing our partnership and helping Shepherds of Good Hope in a variation of ways.” Stephen Ball, President OGHA

“The magnitude of their donations over the years is incredible. Their compassion and generosity not only brings hope to those who depend on our programs, but also enables us to successfully plan and design our services to address real-life social needs.” Neil Leslie, Vice President of Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation.

“Year after year, we are extremely grateful for the continued acts of kindness from Hoteliers Have Heart. The food, spirit and compassion they bring to us on Valentine’s Day is at the heart of every program and extends beyond the one day. Their compassion goes a long way to ensuring we’re able to meet the growing demands of our community’s homeless.” Deirdre Freiheit, President and CEO of Shepherds of Good Hope.