Supervised Consumption And Treatment Service

The Trailer

Supervised Consumption and Treatment Sites (SCTS) are a necessary response to the opiate crisis which impacts communities across the country. Located at the epicentre of the crisis in Ottawa, Shepherds of Good Hope works actively with our community to ensure these services are available to those who need them while also working with our local community to minimize the negative impacts of the toxic drug supply.

In November 2017, the SCTS at 256 King Edward Avenue, also known as the “Trailer”, was opened in partnership with Ottawa Inner City Health through a controlled substances exemption from Health Canada.

Through funding and support from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Ottawa Public Health, The Trailer operates 24/7. The facility which is operated by Ottawa Inner City Health has 14 injection booths making it one of the largest and busiest sites in Ontario. Wrap around services include supervised injection, primary care services, mental health care, and substance use treatment. The Trailer program includes peer outreach services to support local residents and businesses, a community clean up team and low barrier employment opportunities for people who are trying to make changes to their substance use.

Operation of The Trailer has brought a new set of clients with new needs to the doors of Shepherds of Good Hope. Demand for housing help, eviction prevention, access to legal services and food security provide new challenges and the need for new ways of working.

The Trailer now serves on average 225 people a day and reverses an average of 2.3 overdoses every day.

Evidence based data gathered clearly demonstrate the need for an expansion of supervised consumption services. Demand for the service has grown since the Trailer opened, as the drug supply has grown increasingly toxic. Originally located in a trailer at 256 King Edward Avenue, the Trailer, operated by Ottawa Inner City Health now has a permanent location inside Shepherds of Good Hope’s shelter building at 256 King Edward Avenue.