The Oaks

The Oaks is a 55-unit facility, located across two buildings in the west end of Ottawa. It houses our Managed Alcohol Program and an aging-at-home program, and provides a limited number of residential units to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

This facility offers its residents treatment, support, a home — and a very real sense of community.

The Managed Alcohol Program (MAP)

The majority of residents at the Oaks are participants in our Managed Alcohol Program.

The MAP is one of the truest expressions of our organization’s mission to provide harm-reduction services to our clients and residents, and is operated in partnership with Ottawa Inner City Health Inc.

The MAP is designed to stabilize participants’ alcoholism through a medically regulated administration of alcohol. MAP participants require support in managing their addiction and maintaining their physical and mental health, but through this structured and supportive program, we help them stabilize, gain a sense of community, and live life with dignity.

The housing-based MAP at The Oaks is the second step for individuals in this innovative harm-reduction program. Once participants are stable, and feel ready, they graduate from the shelter-based MAP to this permanent, supportive housing facility.

At The Oaks, participants receive a medically prescribed dosage of wine, every hour, for fifteen hours a day. These structured servings significantly reduce the amount of alcohol consumed at any one time, enabling the participant to remain stable and address their addiction. As a result, many residents also drastically reduce their overall consumption of alcohol, or refrain from consuming alcohol completely.

On-site staff provide comprehensive support to participants, including ongoing medical and mental health services and tailored case management. Participants also have access to assistance with personal needs, regular activities, daily meals and life-skills training.

Aging-at-Home Program

The Oaks also houses 15 Aging-at-Home residents. These individuals are generally over the age of 55, and typically have physical and mental health issues, and/or addiction challenges.

Canadian Mental Health Association Units

In partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association, The Oaks also provides an additional ten beds allocated to those living with mental health challenges.