Give Through Your Will

Be a Guiding Light for Years to Come

Join the Beacon of Hope Society by leaving a gift in your will to Shepherds of Good Hope.

It’s a powerful way to perpetuate your values and ideals, and create a legacy of compassion, care and positive change. Your gift will help continue our support of Ottawa’s homeless and most vulnerable citizens — and can inspire others to give as well.

“I believe we are here on this earth not just to help ourselves and those closest to us, but also, and more importantly, to help others. For me, it is the homeless, the most vulnerable, that need our help. I want to help care for those people and make a difference in their lives.”

Shirley Soehn

Member, Beacon of Hope Society

Let us Acknowledge Your Generosity

Please let us know if you have chosen to leave a gift in your will to Shepherds of Good Hope. Be assured that this notification is not in any way binding, and will be held in the strictest confidence; however, it will allow us to thank you and acknowledge you as a valued part of our community and a member of the Beacon of Hope Society.

For more information about leaving a gift in your will, please contact:

Neil Leslie
Vice President, Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation
613-789-8210 ext. 247

Current Campaign

Learn how you can help meet an immediate need in our community, by supporting our latest campaign.