Renew Your Support for Shepherds of Good Hope


Haven’t given to Shepherds of Good Hope in the last year? Please renew your support today!

Ever wondered what a Shepherds of Good Hope soup kitchen table would say if it could talk. We did too! So please enjoy the following letter from a rather unconventional character in our soup kitchen:

It’s 11:30am and the doors are open for lunch at Shepherds of Good Hope. It’s the busiest time in our soup kitchen. It’s one of the two meal times that are open to our community. The people come and go. The meals come and go. The seasons also come and go. But the memories, they last forever.

I hear everything. I smell every plate of food that comes through our soup kitchen. I feel the gusts of bitter cold air as the door opens and closes in the winter. I hear the stories of despair and trauma. I feel the tears of those that are scared. I hear the laughter and the compassion. I hear it all.

I have four legs, four seats attached to me, and a hard top. Yes, you guessed it, I’m one of the tables Shepherds of Good Hope’s soup kitchen.

I literally hold people up, but you, you’re the reason someone is able to sit with me and have a warm meal. Thank you for being a loyal and compassionate supporter of the homeless and less fortunate in our community.

You generously donated to us in the past, I remember. In previous years, you were there for Johnny when he needed you the most.

Johnny moved here from Iqaluit, in hopes of a better future. He enrolled in engineering at Carleton University but he couldn’t get a job to pay for his tuition. He was struggling, his student loan just barely kept a roof over his head. That’s how Johnny ended up at my table.

He heard of the community meals at Shepherds of Good Hope, so he would sit with me every day for lunch. Most days, it was his only meal of the day. I heard that Johnny graduated, but still struggled in life. He’s now living in one of our supportive housing residences. Johnny gets the extra help he needs there and is doing well; in fact he teaches Inuktitut to many of his fellow residents.

Without meals from our soup kitchen, and services he was able to connect to, he might not be here today. It’s because of your donations that Johnny had a warm meal to eat every day.

He’s one of thousands of people who have sat with me over the years. There are more people, just like Johnny, who are in dire need of a warm meal and a roof over their head.

Would you please renew your support through us to help people like Johnny have a hot meal and a warm place to stay?

Just last month, an older couple came to the soup kitchen for the first time ever. They had worked their entire lives. They had a home, saved for their retirement, and loved to cook in their kitchen. As they sat with me and ate their food, I could hear the woman crying. She and her husband were talking to a staff member, saying, “We’re so scared. We’ve worked every day of our lives to now only have enough money to put a roof over our head. We have no money for food or any extras. It’s just so hard.”

That was tough to hear. Even though I am only a table, I ached to hear their despair. Their voices trembled, full of fear and sadness. The staff welcomed them and listened compassionately to their story, and then connected them with food banks in the city that they could visit after their meal.

Without people like you, our staff wouldn’t be able to connect people like this couple to services they need. Without people like you, this couple would not have had a hot meal to eat that day. Without your compassion, we wouldn’t have the food needed to make over 700 meals every day that are served to hungry people in our soup kitchen.

We hope you will join us again this year and renew your support so we can continue to help those in our community who need it the most. We can’t do it without you.

Thank you for your compassion.
Yours truly,
A Soup Kitchen Table
P.S. Please renew your gift to support people like this elderly couple who can no longer feed themselves a hot meal in their own home.
*These stories are about real people, but names were changed for privacy reasons.