Recognition Event for New Mural at the Oaks


Shepherds of Good Hope and Carlington Community Association team up to brighten building


OTTAWA — September 11, 2018 – Carlington Community Association (CCA) and Shepherds of Good Hope (SGH) are pleased to announce the installment of a stunning new mural that will reside on one of SGH’s supportive housing facilities, The Oaks.

This mural commemorates the history of the traditional Algonquin Lands of the Carlington area. At the top of the mural is a dream catcher with an eagle in the center, painted by Indigenous artist and Oaks’ resident, Marcel Mowatt. The mural goes on to depict agriculture, including crop and dairy farming, train tracks and the logging industry. At the bottom of the mural you will see veteran housing – one of the first veteran communities built after the war. This housing still sits along the old train yards.

CCA helped facilitate this project and brought together a number of community partners. Maggie Buttrum, a Carlington resident came up with the idea to design the mural. Youth from the Carlington community also came together to help paint the mural. Claudia Salguero, the artist/facilitator helped the youth paint the mural and brought all the historical and future components of the Carlington Eras Mural together.

We will host a recognition event where you can meet Marcel Mowatt and our amazing community partners. It will include light refreshments and celebratory remarks from on September 13, 2018 at 6:30pm at The Oaks, located at 1057 Merivale Road.


“We are thrilled to work together with our community partners to build a more inclusive community. This mural is also reflective of Carlington today — a very diverse community of residents who care about their community’s history and future.”

Deirdre Freiheit, President and Chief Executive Officer of Shepherds of Good Hope

“We are very excited to recognize the hard work done by our community partners to brighten up our community with this commemorative piece. We would also like to send our gratitude to Michael Kostiuk, the Carlington Historian, and Crime Prevention Ottawa for the grant which covered the costs of the project, Kitchissippi Church who gave us the space to paint the panels, The Oaks (Shepherds of Good Hope) who agreed to let us install the mural, and the Carlington youth who painted the mural.”

Charity Bartlett, President of Carlington Community Association


For more information please contact:

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Marketing and Communications Manager
Shepherds of Good Hope
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