Gender Diversity

We believe that there is great strength in diversity.

Whether someone is staying with us as a client or resident, or working with us as volunteer or employee, we believe that providing a healthy, welcoming environment is of paramount importance.

That’s why we nurture a culture of inclusion and positivity across all our programs and services.

All of our programs and services have adopted an open-gender mandate, and we address individuals according to how they define themselves.

Organization-Wide Diversity Training

We make great efforts to ensure that all of our employees receive diversity training. This is a fundamental step in helping ensure every staff member understands and accepts our organizational beliefs, and embraces our code of conduct.

Dedicated Resources

Shepherds of Good Hope recently received funding to develop a gender diversity program, which allows us to allocate specific resources to shelter clients who experience difficulties as a result of how they identify.

When an individual enters our shelter identifying as a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth, we make every effort to accommodate them in the program in which they would feel most comfortable. We are also addressing how language is used in our organization by changing how we ask people to identify their gender, and by asking clients to identify their preferred pronoun.

Being an Ally

We want to be known as an ally of the LGBTQ2S community.

We are fortunate to have developed strong relationships with local LGBTQ2S non-profit organizations, and this has provided our organization with invaluable opportunities for collaboration and continuing education. We look forward to continuing to nurture these relationships, and building new ones.

Homes for All. Community for All. Hope for All.

Our services are not just for men and women — they are for all, without judgement.